Thams & Nyås Management AB
is world leading within the Problem Detection Study (PDS) method and an independent Market Research Institute with Head Office in Stockholm, Sweden and PDS Research Executives in London, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Hong Kong & Manila.
Robert Thams (CEO & partner) and Per Nyås (partner & market analyst) have run more than 1 000 Problem Detection Study (PDS)-studies during the past 25 years worldwide.

The PDS method is a ’Business Development Market Research’ and often positioned in the boundary between traditional research and management consultancy firms.

Problem Detection Study (PDS) distinguishes from traditional market research methods on a number of features:

· Questions are generated by the target group - not by client or by consultants.
· The question statements are extremely detailed and concrete.
· The research format is comprehensive and covers all parts of the business.
· The questions base combines quality control with new business opportunities.
· Negative questions describe in a good way ‘an honest action’.
· The ranking gives focus on the most important aspects.

In the leaflet Don’t Guess (short version, 8 pages) and the PDS book Thriving on Customer Problems (long version, 30 pages) the Problem Detection Study (PDS-method) and a number of case stories are described in detail.



The Problem Detection Study (PDS)-process

pds problem detection study process

 Case study 

The highest ranked problems in a Problem Detection Study (PDS) on refrigerators in China referred to noise. A silent product was launched and the marketing concept was ‘The Newfound Peace’. TV commercials showed a family that got their night sleep disturbed by their old refrigerator until they switched to Electrolux and consumers were advised to ‘Listen before you buy’. This was Electrolux first big sales success in China and opened up the market for a number of product launches. This case got big headlines in business press. New PDS studies were also run on A/C, Vacuum Cleaners and Washing Machines in China, India and Australia.
ASSA ABLOY - world leading security corporation – divides their customers into vertical segments. Domestic homes, hospitals, airports och general corporations have all their unique needs and problems when it comes to security. E.g. schools in the U.S. have very specific demands of locks for lockers, toilets and rooms. Consequently every segment received their own Problem Detection Study (PDS). Systems Integrators and architects were studied in separate PDS research studies.

We also study the internal Culture & Climate in ASSA ABLOYs more than 130 local units worldwide. The research model we use here includes a short on-line questionnaire, questions are based on company core values, respondents choose one out of 20 languages and each local unit report is computer generated and very detailed despite the low unit cost.



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